Professional Recorder & Camera Maintenance

Keep your video equipment running smoothly with our expert maintenance services. Whether you need firmware updates, sensor cleanings, or routine care, our certified technicians have the skills to service your recorders and cameras properly.

Recorder Maintenance

  • Firmware updates to the latest stable version with compatibility testing
  • Complete internal cleaning and tuneup to remove dust/debris
  • Testing of all inputs/outputs and recording functions with diagnostic tools
  • Replacement of failing components like fans, drives, or circuit boards
  • Data recovery services for corrupted files or failing storage media

Camera Maintenance

  • Sensor cleaning to remove dust and particulate with sensor swabs and cleaning fluid
  • Lens cleaning and inspection to treat haze, fungus, scratches
  • Firmware updates with verification of successful installation
  • Adjustment of mechanical components like shutters, aperture, and focus rings
  • Battery cleaning and terminal reconditioning for maximum charge

Preventative Maintenance Plans

For consistent peak performance, consider an annual preventative maintenance plan. This includes:

  • Two scheduled service visits per year
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Comprehensive cleaning and inspection
  • Holiday/event preparedness checks
  • Loaner equipment while yours is being serviced
  • Priority service scheduling

Why Choose Our Services?

Experience: Our techs have been factory-trained on all major camera and recorder brands. We know the proper procedures for safe, effective maintenance.

Quality Parts: We use only genuine manufacturer parts and consumables for the highest quality repairs and servicing.

Quick Turnaround: We stock common parts and can complete most services within 3-5 business days.

Data Security: All data is kept secure and confidential during service. We can transfer files if needed.

Warranty Coverage: Many manufacturers require periodic maintenance to keep warranty coverage valid. Our services comply with those requirements.

Don’t let your video equipment fail prematurely. Invest in professional maintenance to extend its life and keep it operating perfectly. Contact us today for a quote!