How high to install security cameras?

The height at which security cameras should be installed is a critical consideration for optimal coverage and effectiveness. It is important before security cameras installation. Key guidelines for camera placement:

Entrances: Install cameras at a height of 7 to 9 feet above the ground, focusing on entrances to capture clear facial images.

Perimeters: For perimeter surveillance, consider installing cameras at a higher elevation, around 10 to 12 feet, to cover a wider area and reduce vulnerability to vandalism.

Outdoor Areas: In outdoor spaces, especially where vandalism is a concern, mounting cameras higher, around 12 to 15 feet, can provide an elevated and less accessible vantage point.

Strategic placement ensures cameras capture relevant details without compromising their security or functionality.

How hard is it to install wired security cameras?

The difficulty of installing in security system installation, particularly with wired security cameras depends on factors such as the complexity of the system, the layout of your property, and your DIY skills. Here are key considerations:

DIY Installation: Basic wired security camera systems with straightforward wiring may be manageable for DIY installation, especially for individuals with some technical skills.

Complex Systems: Larger or more complex systems, involving multiple cameras, intricate wiring, or integration with other devices, may be challenging for DIY installation and may benefit from professional expertise.

Professional Installation: Opting for professional installation, such as the services offered by Solomon Security, ensures that cameras are placed optimally, wiring is concealed, and the system functions seamlessly.

Solomon Security: Your Trusted Partner

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